About us

How we Started…

2014 – Gujarat Unit –I We as a company were established in 2014 as a Herbal medicine and food supplement manufacturer and Exporter in Gujarat. 2017 – Andhra Pradesh Unit – II In 2017 another manufacturing facility was established in south India in Nellore Andhra Pradesh to cater the requirements in south.

2018 –Singapore We constantly expanding our horizons from domestic to international market, In 2018 To our first international office was started in Singapore, 2018 – Malaysia,West Africa Under Process.

We combine Patient care with innovation to make life better for people around the world. We, as a company committed to creating high-quality Health care Products that meet real needs. Our factories are Installed with Automated production lines with modern GMP approved machinery, Our facilities are certified with ISO, GMP In addition to it other standards and certifications.

R & D

We Strongly believe in R & D and our key strength is our research our scientists come from well experienced vast and diverse background of the R&D, this gives us unique insights into the world of herbs, helping us understand, discover and develop breakthrough products. We use advanced technology and methods to ensures accuracy, efficacy and safety. When your research on herbs, which are time tested by our ancestors and they need a platform for the world to see, use and extract the benefits for the betterment of the human life. We do this with utmost care and dedication.Our Scientists invent products which are 100 % unique and un-matchable quality. For example; Snite Gold contains NOX Booster-unique. To this date we have credit of 85 – Finished R&D Products 30 – In R & D pipeline 43 – Brands Launched in market.


Organic Farming

We work direct with farmers in various states in India like Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh Madhya Pradesh, Tamilnadu, and Kerala. We support farmers as a part of our CSR activity on technical guidance in organic farming of herbs. As understood and invented by our R & D team of scientists, we insist farmers on cultivating the herbs with the same way of their previous availability. No artificial fertilizers and manure for farming. All our vegetation lands are well maintained and cultivated without killing the soul of the soil. With fair trade practices we assure farmers are paid a maximum of 5%-10% higher than the actual cost of cultivation. Other benefits to the farmers include an assured market rate for their produces, and the costs for their required certifications, packaging and transportation are borne by us.

Our Team

We are proud of Our team. It comprises of some great brains in management, highly influencing marketing team, a dedicated team of doctors and scientists who break every barrier and successfully invent new products which are helpful to the people of this universe.