Facts & Benefits

To Improve Product Efficacy Super Critical Co2 Extraction Technology Our Innovation from Plants to Products Sco2 (or) super critical co2 extraction process is the most advanced extraction process in the world. We use this technique to its key constituents and extract the most potential actives from the natural herbs, by sco2 extraction process every nutrient in a raw herb can be isolated at super critical state up to 100%. Where us ordinary extraction techniques can isolate the nutrient from raw natural herb only Up to 20 to 30% during heat many essential phytonutrients and phytochemicals get demolished. By using sco2 extraction technique the efficacy of the product can be improved to 3 x times higher, this naturally gives our products a top most efficacy than any other products.

It is really safe for suffering with Diabetes, cholesterol and cardiovascular diseases to use Snite Gold. As the herbal extracts takes care of the same.